Become the Boss, recruit Gangsters, and lead your Gang to explore the now jaded World with real locations. There's no shortage of content, action or ammunition as you fight along your fellow gang members weilding an array of weapons and Supernatural powers!

胸がキュン!となるような甘酸っぱ~い思い出が蘇る事、間違いなし!教師ものゲームの決定版がついにApp Storeに登場!『教えて!胸キュン先生』は無料で遊べる今話題のソーシャルゲームです。超個性的?マニアック?な教師たちが大集結してハチャメチャで楽しい学園生活を繰り広げます!

About GL Inc.

Throughout more than 30 years, Tokyo is the heart of gaming industry. We began playing game when we were 3, designing game when 12 and got the first game awards at the age of 18.
The evolution of smartphone is a chance for us to bring the best Japan's gaming experiences to the world.
We play - We create - We live for gamers
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